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Launched: 2008
Record Updated: Apr 25, 2024
Digital library, collection or exhibit platform

Omeka Classic is a web publishing platform for sharing digital collections and creating media-rich online exhibits. Classic offers Dublin Core as its central resource description framework and has a rich offering of plugins and themes to customize its functionality and appearance. offers a SAAS version of Classic for users who do not wish to run their own server stack.

Omeka S is a next-generation web publishing platform for institutions interested in connecting digital cultural heritage collections with other resources online. Omeka S offers the ability to publish resource description as linked data and to create as many sites as desired drawing on a unified pool of resources. Omeka S has an extensive pool of modules and themes to customize its functionality and appearance.

For a chart comparing the platforms, see:


The Omeka family of web publishing platforms is dedicated to offering librarians, archivists, curators, scholars, and enthusiasts open-source software for sharing digital collections and creating media-rich online exhibits.

Key Achievements

Omeka has just passed its 15th anniversary and is proud to continue to serve a wide community of users.

Technical Attributes

Maintenance Status

Actively maintained

Open API


Content Licensing

Content on the site is licensed CC-BY-NC.

Hosting Options & Service Providers

Hosting Strategy

Hosting through service provider only

What other tools and projects does your project interact with?

  • Laminas
  • Doctrine 2
  • EasyRdf
  • PHPUnit
  • jQuery

Community Engagement

Code of Conduct


Community Engagement

In Progress

Contribution Guidelines or Fora


Code License


Organizational Commitment to Community Engagement

The Omeka Team welcomes contributions from the community. Given the wide varity of skills and areas of interest among the Omeka community, the paths to possible engagement are many. See

The Omeka Team's engagement with the community is governed by Digital Scholar's Anti-Discrimination policy.

User Contribution Pathways

  • Contribute to code
  • Contribute to documentation

Policies & Governance

Governance Summary

Omeka is a project of Digital Scholar, a US-based non-stock corporation that operates following the guidelines laid out by the IRS for 501c3 organizations. See the articles of incorporation, bylaws, and governance documents on the Digital Scholar website.


Commitment to Equity & Inclusion

In Progress

Privacy Policy


Web Accessibility Statement


Governance Activities

In Progress

Governance Structure & Processes


Transparent Pricing and Cost Expectations


Additional Information

Organizational History

Omeka was created at the Roy Rosenzweig Center for History and New Media at George Mason University. The nonprofit Digital Scholar was founded in 2009 to develop and operate the business models for Omeka and Zotero. Digital Scholar is a non-stock corporation that operates following 501c3 guidelines.

Organizational Structure

Business or Ownership Model

Non-profit organization

Full-time Staff



Primary Funding Source

Program service revenue

Funding Needs

Omeka has been independent and sustainable since 2016, through proceeds from responsibly priced hosting, support, training, and custom development services.