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Project Mirador


Launched: 2013
Record Updated: Apr 18, 2024
Annotations system
Media viewer/player
Mirador is a configurable, extensible, and easy-to-integrate image viewer, which enables image annotation and comparison of images from repositories dispersed around the world. Mirador has been optimized to display resources from repositories that support the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF) API's. Mirador provides several workspaces for comparing image-based resources, suitable for use in both cultural heritage and research settings.


Mirador is an open-source, web based, multi-window image viewing platform with the ability to zoom, display, compare and annotate images from around the world.

Key Achievements

As of Summer 2023, Mirador community members are focused on updating core dependencies and related tests, which includes upgrading to the latest versions of React and Material UI. Updating Mirador’s core has been the highest priority for the community since February and will continue to be for the months to come, as it will resolve a number of known issues and unblock plugin development.

You can follow day-to-day progress on this work through the activity in Mirador’s project repository on GitHub, or get informed at a broader level by visiting the project milestones doc. We’d be thrilled for you to join the effort! Please reach out to the community through the channels listed above if you wish to learn more about where and how to help.

Community Engagement

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Community Engagement


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Organizational Commitment to Community Engagement

Mirador's development, design, and maintenance is driven by community needs and ongoing feedback and discussion. Join us at our regularly scheduled community calls or review the call notes, on IIIF slack or the iiif-discuss mailing list. To suggest features, report bugs, and clarify usage, submit a GitHub issue.

  • Slack channels within IIIF organization #mirador and #mirador-dev
  • Github
  • IIIF Google group discussion
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    • Contribute to working groups or interest groups

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    The provider is considering additional governance development.


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    Organizational History

    Founded at Stanford University Libraries, DLSS (Digital Library Systems + Services), but developers and contributors from MANY institutions have contributed to make Mirador what it is today.

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