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Launched: 2015
Record Updated: Apr 18, 2024
Repository service
Mendeley Data is a free and secure cloud-based communal repository where you can store your data, ensuring it is easy to share, access and cite, wherever you are.


Mendeley Data is a free and secure cloud-based communal repository where researchers can store their data, ensuring it is easy to share, access and cite, wherever they are. The Mendeley Data communal data repository is powered by Digital Commons Data.

Using Mendeley Data makes the researchers’ data citable. Unique DOIs and easy-to-use citation tools make it easy to refer to their research data. They can securely share their data with colleagues and co-authors before publication. Their data is archived for as long as they need it by Data Archiving & Networked Services. Mendeley Data supports versioning, making longitudinal studies easier.

Elsevier's Mendeley Data repository is a participating member of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Office of Data Science Strategy (ODSS) GREI project. The GREI includes seven established generalist repositories funded by the NIH to work together to establish consistent metadata, develop use cases for data sharing, train and educate researchers on FAIR data and the importance of data sharing, and more.

Key Achievements

Implemented the common metadata fields:

  • Title
  • Description
  • Author/Creator
  • Funder
  • Grant ID
  • Publication Year
  • Content Type
  • Implemented the following Search and Browse features:

  • Filter by Publication Year using Slider Feature or Manual Date Entry.
  • Filter by content type by checking the desired check-box. Number in parentheses (#) indicates number of items identified for each type based upon the search criteria. This feature was incorporated into Mendeley prior to the GREI project.
  • Publication Date may also be sorted in order from newest to oldest, oldest to newest, or based on relevance.
  • Supporting Use Cases:

  • Mendeley Data has improved our metadata fields to include Funder and Grant IDs, making it easier for researchers to share, reproduce, reuse and track grant funded research.
  • Mendeley Data has improved our Search and Filter capabilities to include enhanced features for searching by Publication Date, as well as Sorting by Publication Year, making it easier to understand the relationship between datasets for reuse.
  • Mendeley Data is leveraging an Open API, along with a DataMonitor integration to ensure that institutions can easily track and report data sharing at an institutional level with greater results. Mendeley Data will be implementing the Funder search facet which will enable funders to identify research content shared through Mendeley Data that they have directly sponsored.
  • Community Engagement

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    Organizational Commitment to Community Engagement

    Policies & Governance

    Governance Summary

    As Mendeley Data is a service offered by Elsevier (a subsidiary of RELX), it does not have independent governance.


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    Additional Information

    Organizational History

    Mendeley Data repository was launched in 2015, to enable researchers to post research data, gain greater exposure, and track usage of their data. As of August 2021, Mendeley Data has become part of the Digital Commons repository family, and is now powered by Digital Commons Data repository platform, which also powers a number of institutional data repositories.

    Organizational Structure

    Business or Ownership Model

    Commercial (for-profit)

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    Primary Funding Source


    Funding Needs

    In addition to support from the NIH GREI program, MD is fully funded through Elsevier and supports researchers' ability to efficiently share their research data sets, including being powered by Digital Commons Data