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Launched: 2018
Record Updated: Apr 19, 2024
Repository software
The InvenioRDM project is an open source collaboration with two main goals: build a turn-key research data management (RDM) repository platform based on Invenio Framework and Zenodo; and grow a community of research institutions, private companies and individuals to sustain the platform going forward.


InvenioRDM is an open-source community made up of research institutions (very broadly defined) with a need to manage, curate and disseminate digital resources such as scholarly works, research data/software and cultural heritage across disciplines and user communities.

The two key principles on which Invenio products are developed is:

  • User Experience. Invenio strives for top of the class user experience so that we can provide services that users love.
  • Scalability. Invenio focuses on supporting large-scale digital repositories that scale with you from a single record to 100 million records.

Community Engagement

Code of Conduct


Community Engagement


Code License


Organizational Commitment to Community Engagement

We have a community manager role, which is currently held by Sara Gonzalez at Northwestern University. The community manager for community-based aspects of Invenio, including outreach, engagement, requirements gathering, demonstrations for new users, communication of project news and the development and dissemination of written content about the project.

User Contribution Pathways

  • Contribute funds
  • Contribute to code
  • Contribute to documentation
  • Contribute to education or training
  • Contribute to working groups or interest groups

Additional Information

Organizational History

InvenioRDM has been an open source community since the beginning.

Organizational Structure

Business or Ownership Model

Volunteer community

Full-time Staff



Primary Funding Source


Funding Needs

InvenioRDM is currently funded by the participating institutions and through grants to the participating. Primary funding needs is related to core maintenance activities such as improving the upgrade experience and system administration documentation.