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Launched: 2022
Record Updated: Apr 16, 2024
Federated identity or authentication management (African Catch-all Federation) is an identity federation based in Africa that aims at providing a continental workspace for users, services and institutions to get direct experience and gain familiarity with consuming and providing federated services and identities.


The mission is to facilitate seamless collaboration, share knowledge, and strengthen the digital identity landscape across Africa, ultimately fostering progress and innovation in the realm of education and research.

At its core, is a platform for nurturing collaborative education identity services among the regional research and education networks (RRENs), their National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), and service providers across the African continent.

It is committed to enabling progress through a comprehensive capacity-building program that equips NRENs in individual countries to establish their identity federations and operating a 'Catchall Federation' to provide vital support to countries that have not yet instituted their identity federations.

Key Achievements

Participation in eduGAIN, the global inter-federation its trustworthiness, enabling to broaden its service offerings. Through collaboration with other federations, the federation can provide users access to a global suite of services, amplifying the commitment to enhancing the user experience and expanding opportunities for research, studies, and collaboration across the educational landscape.

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Actively maintained

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Governance Summary

The governance of the identity federation is delegated to the three Regional Research & Education Networks (UbuntuNet Alliance (East, Central and South Africa), WACREN (West Africa) and ASREN (North Africa)) all operating within the African continent and mandated to plan, manage and run the regional networks. The legal services for the federation shall be provided by UbuntuNet Alliance. The management team consists of members from the three entities.


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Funding Needs

Adequate funding enables the continuous improvement of the technical infrastructure and tools that underpin the service. This includes maintaining secure identity management systems, robust authentication mechanisms, and scalable federated services. Investments in technology ensure that the platform remains reliable and adaptable to evolving needs. In addition to enhancing the infrastructure, funding is instrumental in expanding reach, improving services, and ensuring the sustainability and security of It empowers the platform to better serve its mission of facilitating collaboration and advancing education identity services across Africa.