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Launched: 2015
Record Updated: Apr 18, 2024
Annotations system
Authoring tool
Informal scholarly communications
dokieli is a clientside editor for decentralised article publishing, annotations and social interactions.


dokieli aims to re-enable the write dimension of the read-write web, empowering individuals through self-publishing capabilities. Actors can register identifiers for their content, shape, store, and share data within their access, ensuring universal access for all while preserving autonomy over their digital contributions and interactions.

Key Achievements

  • Implementation of open W3C standards such as the Solid Protocol to enable users to store their content at a preferred storage location on the Web; Web Annotation to annotate specific parts of content with specific motivations; ActivityPub, Activity Vocabulary, and Linked Data Notifications to inform publishing related and social activities; Open Digital Rights Language to aid usage of content and services.
  • Adoption in publishing and annotating scholarly articles, technical specifications, and blog posts.
  • Technical Attributes

    Open Code Repository


    Maintenance Status

    Actively maintained

    Technical Documentation


    Open Product Roadmap

    In Progress

    Open Data Statement


    Content Licensing

    Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Unported

    Standards Employed

  • Information is represented and retrieved following the [Linked Data]( for personal/agent identities.
  • [WebID-TLS]( for authentication.
  • [Web Access Control]( and [Solid Protocol]( for inbox notifications for annotations and social sharing.
  • W3C [ActivityPub](, W3C [Web Annotation Vocabulary](, and W3C [Selectors and States]( for social activities.
  • W3C [ODRL Information Model]( to represent statements about the usage of content and services.
  • [Memento]( to assign license to individual contributions and annotations.
  • [Robust Links](, [SPAR Ontologies](
  • Hosting Options & Service Providers

    Hosting Strategy


    What other tools and projects does your project interact with?

    Internet Archive / Wayback Machine, W3C services

    Community Engagement

    Code of Conduct


    Community Engagement


    Organizational Commitment to Community Engagement

    Workshops and presentations at conferences. There is a community chat answering users and developers questions since 2015.

    Engagement with Values Frameworks

    W3C TAG Ethical Web Principles:

    User Contribution Pathways

    • Contribute funds
    • Contribute to code
    • Contribute to documentation
    • Contribute to education or training

    Policies & Governance

    Governance Summary

    dokieli is a decentralised article authoring, annotation, and social notifcation tool. No governance is known of at this time.


    Web Accessibility Statement


    Open Data Statement


    Additional Information

    Organizational Structure

    Business or Ownership Model

    Volunteer community

    Full-time Staff



    Primary Funding Source


    Funding Needs

  • Hiring of developers and designers to make improvements to the UX and accessibility.
  • To further education and outreach initiatives.
  • To improve the developer experience by improving the codebase and tests to grow the open source community around the project.