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Archipelago Commons

Metropolitan New York Library Council
United States


Launched: 2018
Record Updated: May 09, 2024
Digital library, collection or exhibit platform
Repository software

Archipelago Commons, or simply Archipelago, is an evolving Open Source Digital Objects Repository / DAM Server Architecture based on the popular CMS Drupal 9/10 and released under GPL V.3 License.

Archipelago is an ensemble of deeply integrated custom-coded Drupal modules (made with care by us, METRO's Digital Services Team and contributing colleagues in our shared field) and a curated and well-configured Drupal instance, running under a discrete and well-planned set of service containers. Archipelago was designed as a multi-tenant, distributed, capable system (as its name suggests) and can be implemented as standalone or in flocks of connected deployments, sharing services.


METRO is a non-profit service provider that helps libraries, archives, and museums excel at their work. METRO works to create a sustainable culture of creativity, collaboration, and open exchange for libraries, archives, museums, and cultural institutions in the Metropolitan New York region and around the world. We accomplish our mission through leadership, grantmaking, resource sharing, professional learning, research, technology services, creative practice, and more. We strive toward a world where communities’ aspirations are uplifted in the libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural institutions they build.

Key Achievements

  • Over 25 production deployments of Archipelago in the United States and internationally
  • 4 major releases
  • Stable development roadmap
  • Active community and practitioner-based working group
  • Community Engagement

    Code of Conduct


    Community Engagement


    Code License


    Organizational Commitment to Community Engagement

    Questions, use cases, and ideas can be shared with the Archipelago Google Groups forum and on the Archipelago Commons Slack Channel.

    Stakeholders are also invited to visit, subscribe to, and participate in various active GitHub repositories.

    Engagement with Values Frameworks

    Contributor Covenant, FAIR Data Principles

    User Contribution Pathways

    • Contribute to code
    • Contribute to documentation
    • Contribute to working groups or interest groups

    Policies & Governance

    Governance Summary

    Archipelago is governed by an Advisory Board, and is a project of the Metropolitan New York Library Council, which is governed by a Board of Trustees.


    Commitment to Equity & Inclusion


    Web Accessibility Statement

    In Progress

    Governance Activities

    In Progress

    Governance Structure & Processes


    Transparent Pricing and Cost Expectations

    In Progress

    Additional Information

    Organizational History

    Organizational Structure

    Business or Ownership Model

    Fiscal sponsorship (non-profit)

    Full-time Staff



    Primary Funding Source


    Funding Needs

    Stable funding provided via METRO and managed services.